healthy whole grain pasta recipes?

naruto Asked: healthy whole grain pasta recipes?

Hi, I would like to know the simplest and easy and fast pasta recipes that I could cook. it can be hot or cold

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C Answered:
My favorite pasta dishes:
- Lasagna:
- Pasta with beanballs:
- Pesto pasta: I like basil pesto the best, but you can use any fresh herb and nut combination you like. Don't forget the garlic.
- Spicy Thai peanut noodles: I really like to use brown rice noodles for this, but linguini should work as well.
- Koshary (Egyptian pasta dish): sounds weird, tastes good:
- Mexican pasta salad:

Hope that helps!

Storre Answered:
* spaghetti and meatballs
* swedish meatballs
* lasagna
* pork ramen

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