Pappardelle Pasta – Origin and caracteristics of Pappardelle Pasta

Pappardelle Pasta2 300x225 Pappardelle Pasta – Origin and caracteristics of Pappardelle Pasta

Pappardelle Pasta

Pappardelle pasta is a flat Italian pasta that has been cut into the shape of a ribbon. It is not as wide as lasagna and is a bit wider than tagliatelle. The name itself comes from “pappare”, which is Italian for “gobble up”.


This pasta is usually combined with heavy sauces that are very rich and is served as a warm meal. It originates in Tuscany, which is located in the northern central part of Italy, and is still a popular part of the culture there.


Pappardelle pasta is coarse and rough and was once prepared in the Tuscany countryside using semolina or chestnut flour without eggs. Nowadays this popular pasta can be found in almost every Italian restaurant and is commonly served with rabbit sauce.


You can find Pappardelle pasta in many Italian specialty shops and it is also possible to make it at home using a pasta machine. It is prepared nowadays using a dough with eggs to make the pasta fluffier. Durum wheat is usually selected for the dough since it is a harder type of wheat, which helps the pasta remain firm.


Because Pappardelle pasta is being used for such rich thick sauces it needs to be sturdy. Some people serve this pasta under a pot roast or stew, which helps absorb some of the liquid.


It usually takes a bit longer to prepare this pasta since it needs about 15 minutes of boiling time. It is larger than average and pastas made of durum flour generally take a bit longer to fully cook.

Italian Food And Cooking


It is best to run the pasta beneath a stream of cold water after it has been strained so that it doesn’t stick together. These pasta ribbons can also be stirred with oil to prevent sticking.


Pappardelle pasta is seldom used as a basis for a casserole dish due to its size. Lasagna noodles are best used for any type of Italian casserole since they are larger and fill up the dish much easier.


Pappardelle pasta sauces


There are a number of different sauces that can be prepared for this pasta. One of the most common ones is a rabbit sauce but other wild game is also very popular. You’ll also find mushrooms added to the thick sauce to add a distinctive flavor.


Tuscany is well known for its outspoken approach to cooking including a country tradition with rich flavors that are never too elaborate. Pappardelle pasta is one of these traditions that has been handed down from generation to generation and still plays a large role in the gourmet culture of Northern Italy.


If you have never had the pleasure of tasting Pappardelle pasta before, you’re really missing out on a treat. When combined with the hardy rich pasta that has its roots planted firmly in the Tuscany tradition, this dish is a taste of culinary bliss. There is a reason why Pappardelle pasta has passed the test of time and it simply must be tried to be believed.

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